Oliva Beach House


The Beach House creates an ideal retreat space from the stresses and busyness of everyday life. Hidden away behind the dunes amongst abandoned orange groves, evening primrose flowers and canes there is an immediate sense of peace and detachment from the familiar routine. The sound of the waves or the sensation of sand underfoot combined with 360 degree views of sea horizon and layers of distant mountains oozes an inner calm and inspires a deep sense of relax, healing and reflection.

This calm, restorative sensation that the location inspire combined with the owner “Eli´s” 20 years of study and experience in holistic practice is why we have developed lasting friendships and collaborations in the area with like minded holistic practitioners, entertainers, activity providers and professionals in ecological practices.

As a group of associates we can offer one to one or group treatments, sessions, seminars and courses in the following;


  1. Kinesiology  (Holistic body balancing therapy- diagnosis  & treatment of the energetic, emotional, physical & biochemical functions of the body) 

  2. Aromatherapy Massage

  3. Reiki I,II & III  , spiritual healing,

  4. HOPI ear candles

  5. Professional singing and mantra training , drumming  

  6. Dance instruction: Flamenco, Salsa, Oriental and African , also Fertility and pelvic dance exercises

  7. Costume design and sewing

  8. Cooking courses in Energetic food, Hindu cooking, Paellas and Tapas

  9. Biodynamic and organic horticulture

  10. Aurasoma  and Crystal healing

  11. Ayurvedic medicine

  12. Yoga, Hatha and Kundalini

  13. Acupuncture

  14. Mountain walks along ancient Moorish pathways past forts and castles/ study of mountain herbs/flora/fauna


For more information on the wellbeing services visit:  www.kineyterapias.com
and to request further information on services that can be incorporated into your stay, please email: 

Wellbeing Treatments & Activities